Meme Father’s Day With Denzel Curry

Put your own father in the Ricky single art

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Props to Chisaram for naming the app
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(canvas) => {
let photo = canvas
}, {
maxWidth: 280,
maxHeight: 280,
cover: true,
orientation: true
let canvas = new fabric.Canvas(document.getElementById('canvas'))new fabric.Image.fromURL(photo.toDataURL('image/jpeg'), (img) => {
let cropped = img

cropped.hasControls = false
cropped.hasBorders = false
cropped.originX = 'center'
cropped.originY = 'center'

let filter = new fabric.Image.filters.Vintage()

// Name
context.font = "200px CooperBlack"
context.fillStyle = '#F16824'
context.shadowOffsetX = 18
context.shadowOffsetY = 18
context.shadowColor = 'black'
context.textAlign = 'center'
context.textBaseline = 'top'
context.fillText("Ricky", 540, 30)
// Shadow
context.lineWidth = 6
context.shadowColor = 'transparent'
// Stroke
context.strokeText("Ricky", 540, 30)
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I develop websites for rock 'n' roll bands and get paid in sex and drugs. Previously Silva Artist Management, SoundCloud, and Songkick. Currently: Available

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