How to Throw a Listening Party for your Song, Album, or Podcast

Introducing Listening Party

Listening Party
Throw a listening party for your fans

Three Key Features

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The Listening Party Demo App


You can’t really have a listening party without something to listen to and that stream of audio should be as accessible as possible. The beta version of Listening Party takes this to the extreme and streams directly to users from a custom MP3 player. There’s no need to login to anything. They only need to click play and it works great from any device. This harkens back to the days where an artist could simply send a single url and be confident all visitors could listen. Crazy thought!


Chat rooms have always been a key form of communication on the web and I believe it is crucial to include one of these so that listeners may converse. The beta version of Listening Party includes a Twitter powered chat room. Users must login with Twitter to participate in the chat but their messages will not be sent out as tweets. I decided to go with Twitter initially because it is a popular identity on the web and one I associate most with live content reactions. I also think it is one of the best identities for artists and podcast creators. I plan on differentiating the artist or podcast creator in the chat so their commentary doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.


There’s a lot of value in simply getting listeners to consume a piece of content together but most campaigns have other aspects worth promoting. The simplest way to draw attention to these valuable locations is by linking to them. As such, the beta version of Listening Party includes the ability to link to your online store, album pre-order, podcast mailing list, new music video, or whatever else you think listeners may be interested in. These links are featured prominently right below the player.

Where Can I Find More Info?

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Listening Party on mobile

Where Can I Send My Feedback?

All feedback, questions, and critiques are very much appreciated. In fact, they are insanely valuable as I build through this. You can email me directly or message me on Twitter. Here’s a few questions I’d love answers to:

  • Where do you try to drive the most traffic online?
  • Is your artist or podcast on Twitter?
  • Do you ever engage with your fans in a chat room?
  • Do you ever host any streaming yourself?

How Else Can I Host A Listening Party?

While I am trying to bring together as many best practices while developing Listening Party, clearly there are many other ways to do this! It is not my ambition to own this problem, the platform simply gives me the opportunity to innovate on it. 🙏🏻

I develop websites for rock 'n' roll bands and get paid in sex and drugs. Previously Silva Artist Management, SoundCloud, and Songkick. Currently: Available

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