Cheers man, you’re always bringing in the deep insight. I definitely lean towards the smaller clips for this particular solution. Folks won’t stick around to consume a full song within Instagram or Facebook. But, it’s okay to use them to lead them elsewhere or get them educated. You’ll need Close Your Eyes for their full attention, haha. 🙈

When creating the Mighty Oaks post yesterday, Facebook flagged my rights for not only one video but all three used in the Gallery. This makes the technique a bit annoying for users at the moment but acceptable for artists doing the posting.

Anyway, I’m mostly just curious about making the technique as simple as possible since the “assets” still live on our computers and we need to get them to our phones.

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I develop websites for rock 'n' roll bands and get paid in sex and drugs. Previously Silva Artist Management, SoundCloud, and Songkick. Currently: Available

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